Importance of Intimacy in Dearmouring

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  • What is intimacy in the session
  • How to create intimacy in the session
  • Important of safety and intimacy in the session

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Monique van der Vleuten
3 years ago
A question that came to my mind when you said that the emotional state of the practitioner plays a big role. So what you do if you had something that upset you before the session, e.g. a fight with a friend? You postpone the session or you find a way to take the charge off for example by doing a meditation?
De'an Matuka
De’an Matuka
3 years ago
Great question Monique.. I deal with myself before the session. And I always try to minimise possible upheavals before the session. Don’t answer your phone and take some time to feel your centre. If you really can’t let go of it call a friend/coach and share your soul. Tell them how unprepared and massed up you are. In doing so you’ll discharge and easier return to “zero”… Few suggestions: 1) Practise as often as you remember throughout a day to let go of whatever you’re feeling at that time. Just let it go and return to “neutral” so to speak. Return “home”, a space within you where there are no waves of emotion or any disturbance. Just simply drop into yourself and let go. Practise this a lot and you’ll start to be able to return to neutral more and more quickly… 2) Practise mantra “Not my monkeys, Not my circus” 🙂 . Seriously often we take on other peoples emotional states and allow ourselves to loose our centre when in reality we could just stay calm by realising that whatever is going on with the other person it has absolutely nothing to do with us. It’s just their state right now, and you can choose to NOT fall into it yourself. This works wonders but requires a lot of practise and ongoing work on yourself to dearmour as many patterns or triggers inside yourself as you can . For me this is a life times work 🙂 … Of course if the upset is huge you better communicate with your client and let them know you won’t be able to work.

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