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Online training in body dearmouring.

Hours of detailed explanations and demonstrations.
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Welcome to LoveCore Dearmouring online tutorial:

- A comprehensive resource teaching you Dearmouring -

This tutorial will teach you a responsible and safe way of dearmouring your clients. It contains many lessons and topics, and together we will work to increase the library of content over time.

These tutorials are for you if you're:

This training is interactive

As you watch videos you may have questions or requests for further videos on a particular subject. Just let me know through the comment fields, and I’ll record and upload replies to your questions. That way the library will get bigger and bigger covering a wide range of topics.

Our Library

55 videos (currently)

Detailed explanations with clear visuals

10 and a half hours of training

It's very valuable and useful to see demonstrations over and over again. It helps to ground the knowledge, even if you have attended some workshops or trainings already.

The training is not intended to take a new practitioner to becoming a qualified Dearmouring Practitioner, in this case the full live, in person training is a necessity, to gain the practical hands on skills, as well as gaining sufficient level of space holding ability and personal development. More info here: LoveCore

However new practitioners will gain massive amount of knowledge and guidance from these tutorials.

If you are already a practising body worker, comfortable with holding space for deep emotional/energetic release, and with sufficient experience, then this training will provide invaluable tools, techniques and theory to add into your existing skill set, and can be considered a standalone training in it’s own right, to allow you to offer these tools as part of an existing body work session.

Topics include

Watch De'an in action

If you like my style and approach, this tutorial is for you.

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Once you join you’ll have unlimited access to all the material forever.

I am committed that you get as much as possible out of this tutorial and really look forward to working with you.